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  • Feet obsession #2 XXX

    When it comes to intimate exploration of women, legendary XXX director/performer Rocco Siffredi never tires. In ?Rocco?s World Feet Obsession #2,? the Italian madman focuses on those shapely soles, tempting arches and wiggly toes that drive him insane with lust. ?Pretty feet make me very much turned on,? he explains, ?especially with a really nice pedicure. But lately, it is incredible how girls who have never been done before are absolutely going crazy for it and really turned on. It just works perfect.? Glamorous blonde beauties Nataly Von and Cayenne Klein feverishly suck one another?s lovely tootsies and treat big-dicked stud Ian Scott to a session of raunchy butt sex and ass-to-mouth debauchery. After a snowball fight, young Mira and Sindy Vega worship the director?s massive cock in a wintry anal threesome with bare foot jobs galore. Cute, skinny Tina Blade sprains her ankle, and it?s up to sexy Mea Melone and well-hung Mike Angelo to take her mind off her troubles. The girls enjoy a wild anal ride on Mike?s stiff dick and stroke his shaft with their soft soles until it?s time to share his spermy load. Fishnet-clad, brunette superwhores Valentina Nappi and Madlin Moon get butt-fucked outdoors beside a lake; they spice up the filthy fun with plenty of enticing foot play. The DVD version even includes 17 minutes of sexy, behind-the-scenes casting footage. For the ultimate in intense, hard-core nastiness mixed with foot fetish kicks, step up to ?Rocco?s World Feet Obsession #2?!
    Geile Muttis!!! XXX

    If you want hot German milfs getting touched by horny young guys then this is your dream movie.
    3rd degree XXX

    Back by popular demand! These girls are mad as hell and they're not gonna take it anymore! They're fucking to settle the score in this tribute to revenge sex! What's a girl to do when she catches her boyfriend texting some slut? You guessed it - fuck his best friend with a vengeance! If you like a little payback with your pussy, this is the fuck flick for you!
    Ipanema girls XXX

    Aqui as mais lindas gatas se liberam a beira da piscina.
    Livia ,Jimena - Morreos de lefa XXX

    La CIA experimenta con espanolitos como El Profesor y con extraterrestres buenorras para crear una raza superior? No te pierdas la comedia mas loca de todos los tiempos, y despues? ?Bukkake con un par de alienigenas sacalefas! Que cuerpazos y que caritas tienen Livia y Jimena, dos teens con unos culazos alucinantes que chupan pollas hasta la campanilla. Palotisimo te vas a poner con estas cochinas morreandose con las boquitas llenas de 25 lechazos, ?y no dejan ni una sola gota!
    Трио из нас 10 / The Three Of Us 10 (2019/FullHD) XXX

    Алексис Брилл и Кэрол Вега ? у вас будет шанс присоединиться к играм этих девушек. Кэссиди Райан и Мориа Тайлер ? киски этих милашек обкончали спермой. Дакота Джеймс и Ханна Хартман ? выстроились в очередь, чтобы их трахнули. Лола Рив и Джулия Рока ? трахайтесь вместе и все будут счастливы.
    Piper Perri - Fall Down Dad XXX

    SCENE opens on eggs cracking in a pan of bacon. As the eggs sizzle, the camera leans out to reveal Andi, a petite 18-year-old girl, making breakfast in the kitchen. Frail and timid, she nervously flips the eggs and butters some toast while keeping an eye on the door. The room feels heavy and silent ... until a kitchen timer goes off and makes her jump. At the same time, a door bursts open and Fred, herscruffy slob of a step-father, staggers into the kitchen demanding his meal. Andi snaps into submission and starts preparing his plate. You can feel the tension between them. Fred looks his daughter up and down before settling on his chair and waiting for his food. He grabs himself and leers: Do you know how hard I am right now? After you're done in the kitchen, you should come over here and find out. I bet you fuck way better than your ma ever did! How old are you now, eighteen? That's the perfect age ... tight little eighteen-year-old pussy. He coughs and wheezes as he talks, catching his breath in between cat-calls. The more he taunts her, the more she tries to ignore him, which sets him off. His comments become accusations: What the hell do you think you're wearing? I told you I wanted to see some moreskin around this house .... HEY, are you even listening to me? You better start treating me the way a father deserves to be treated! Under her breath, Andi mutters that he isn't her real father. When Fred hears this, he slams his fist down. What did you say? Andi nervously stutters that Fred is her step-father. His eyes go wide in rage: Listen here, you little cunt. Your dad skipped out on you when you were a baby and when your mamma died, she left me in charge. So, do you know what that means? That means, if you want your inheritance, you're gonna have to play nice with me. And that starts with respect. I'm your daddy now ... and daddy likes his girl to do what she's told.' The two stare at each other in cold silence before Andi timidly says 'yes, daddy.' Fred sneers and starts forking his food. He takes one bite and spits it out. Disgusting! These eggs are runny and barely cooked. And this whole plate is covered in grease ... What are you trying to do, give me a heart attack?' He staggers out of the room, winded, leaving Andi staring down at the plate before looking off in the distance. Something has to change. That afternoon, Andi is folding her father's clothes when he summons her into the bathroom. It's time for his shave, something he always makes Andi do for him. As he barks at her to hurry up, the man settles into an armchair, his belly out and shaving cream over his face. She picks up the razor. His neck is fully exposed, and she stares down at it, while the man continues to make lewd comments about her.She swallows hard and starts shaving. The more offensive her step-father is, the tighter she grips the razor. Finally, he brushes her off, wipes his face, and leaves -- telling her to finish her chores. She stands there, holding the razor in her hands and staring at him. That evening, Andi takes out the trash. A neighbor from down the road notices her and runs over to say hi. They used to hang out all the time but, ever since Andi's mom passed, they never see each other anymore. The neighbor asks how she's doing and tries to get Andi to stop, sitting down on the curb for a minute and beckoning her over. Through their small talk, Andi confides what's been happening withher step-father. He keeps her home from school, makes lewd comments, treats her like his property. But, her mother left him in charge ... and, as long as he's alive, he has control over the family's money. So, she's stuck with him. The neighbor laughs and reminds her that Fred is a lazy pig -- he smokes too much, drinks too much, eats too much. Maybe, if she's lucky, he won't be around all that much longer! As Andi laughs meekly, the door opens and Fred hollers for her to come inside. The neighbor asks if she wants to spend the night at her house ... but Andi brushes her off, saying it'll be ok. She darts inside. When Andi enters, Fred stops her. He asks who she was talking to and demands that she tell him when she plans to leave the house again. Submissively, she agrees so he will back off. Fred starts leering at her again, following her through the house as she tries to get away from him. Finally, out of breath, he pins her in a corner and orders her to go turn down his bed ... and to do it in the nightie he bought her. Andi closes her eyes and nods. The tiny teen enters her father's bedroom in a skimpy nightie and walks to his bedside. A porn magazine, some tissues, lube, a wet sock, and a bottle of sildenafil lay scattered across the bed. Andi stares at them, picking each item up in disgust. Every night he does this -- jerking himself off so loudly that she can hear every stroke. She thinks of all the lewd comments her father made. She stares down at herself, nearly-naked in the outfit he makes her wear. She can hear him coughing in the next room and listens to every wheeze. Her neighbor is right, he is a lazy pig. Maybe there is something she can do to stop him. With a sneaky smile crossing her face, Andi calls out to Fred to come in the room.
    Ronski Speed - Maracaido Sessions (February 2019) (2019-02-05) Музыка

    Исполнитель:Ronski Speed
    Название: Ronski Speed - Maracaido Sessions (February 2019) (2019-02-05)
    Жанр: Trance, Progressive, Uplifting Trance
    Год выпуска: 2019
    Количество треков: 01 (no *.cue)
    Время звучания: 120 Min
    Формат: mp3, mixed
    Качество: 320kbps | 44.1 kHz | Stereo
    Размер: 281 MB
    Linda Sweet - Linda Sweet 4on1 DAP XXX

    Linda Sweet toying her hot little ass with a large black dildo. After which she takes a long hard brutal ass fucking from Neo, Marcus, Tony Brooklyn and Franco Roccaforte, all of whom she services with vivid enthusiasm, intensity in her eyes, and a smile of course. In the end, after a marathon of Anal, Double Penetration and Double Anal she finishes all 4 of them off by letting them cum all over her face and swallowing their loads. Purely nasty and hot anal at its best.
    С точки зрения моего папочки 4 / My Daddys Point Of View 4 (2019/FullHD) XXX

    Лиза Роу ? за то, чтобы пользоваться машиной, согласна трахаться с отчимом. Зои Кларк ? ты смотришь порно, папочка? Почему бы не попробовать это со мной? Мишель Мартинес ? скучающая девочка предложила папе заняться с ней сексом. Хейвен Рей ? сначала позволила отчиму увидеть себя голой, а затем захотела, чтобы он ее трахнул.
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