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  • Madison Hart - One Day at a Time XXX

    The camera tracks along a stretch of road, slowly coming upon a teen girl as she lays twitching on the pavement. She is dirty and frothing slightly from the mouth, as the whites of her eyes roll back and she mutters incoherently. Lying beside her is a kit with needles, a spoon, and some unmarked powder. An unmarked cop car pulls up in the distance, its lights flashing. From a dutch angle, we see two officers step out and walk over to the girl. They feel her pulse and root through her pockets to find her wallet. An officer pulls out her ID and notes that she is over 18 years old. Shaking their heads, pick her up and put her in the back seat. As they drive, she slumps over in the back seat. Off camera, you can hear the officers discuss what to do with her. One suggests she spend another night in county to teach her a lesson. The other cuts in, saying it won't work. She'll be back on the streets doing the same shit again. She needs rehab. they should take her over to the sober living house so she can detox. The guy who runs it always has a way with dealing with the lost girls. Maybe he can fix her. They drive off towards the house. Scene cuts to several days later. It's morning. The teen, a small fragile girl named Angie, opens her eyes. The brightness of the room is shocking and she pulls up the covers to block it out. She is naked under the sheets. The door opens and a man enters. He is clean and handsome, carrying a covered tray of food. Angie peeks out and stares at him nervously, slowly realizing that she doesn't know where she is. The man sets the food down and introduces himself as Eric. He runs a sober living house. She looks down and realizes she is naked. She quickly covers herself, asking how she got here and where her clothes are. Eric replies that she had overdosed and the cops who found her had brought her here. She's lucky they didn't put lock her up. She's been in and out for almost 3 days, only waking up when the withdrawal symptoms got too intense. Angie remembers nothing and seems very confused. Eric sits down beside her and gently takes her hand. It's ok, he says. I know what you're going through. I've been there too. He goes on to describe his own experiences with drugs and shows her a 1-year recovery medallion. Sober living worked for me, he reassures her. I've turned my life around. It's all about taking one day at a time. I can help you do the same ... if you trust me. Angie covers her head in her hands, reeling from her symptoms. She asks Eric if he can simply let her go. She doesn't need to be here. Eric reminds her that the cops specifically asked him to take care of her. He doesn't know when they'll be back to check up. He tries to get Angie to open up about her own experience. She confides in him that she is a good girl, with good parents. She just parties a little too much. If he will just let her go, she promises to go home and not do this again. Eric reiterates that the cops are watching him closely and that he has an obligation to rehabilitate the girls who enter his house. Angie starts to cry, as she scrunches the sheets around herself. She begs and pleads with him ... saying she'll do anything to just go home. Eric stares at her for a long time, his eyes occasionally darting back to the covered food tray. I suppose I could make something up if the cops came back ... He says slowly. Angie perks up and continues to beg and thank him. Eric continues to stare, lost in thought. He watches as the sheets scrunched up around Angie start to slouch, exposing her nipples. But if I were to let you go, he continues. You need to make it worth my while. She asks him what he means. Eric edges closer to her on the bed and tells her to drop the sheets. Stunned, she leaps off the bed and makes for the door. It's locked. She tells him to stay back. Calmly, Eric reiterates the situation. Look, I'm not here to do any harm. I'm here to help you. But if you aren't willing to stay here and you want me to cover it up, you are going to need to treat me with a little more respect. I'm simply asking for an exchange. A deal. You're familiar with dealing, right? This descends into a negotiation between Eric and Angie. After protesting, Angie ultimately decides it is worth it to sleep with the counselor in exchange for her early exit. She gives her full, lucid consent.
    Ariana Marie - Thick And Creamy XXX

    Busty babe Ariana Marie shows off her tight body in a matching bra and g-string that serve a single purpose: to tease Bambino into ravishing her cock craving body. The horny nubile performs a sultry dance that captures Bambino's interest and then struts forward so that she can capture his lips in a kiss that promises so much more. With her soft boobs leading the way, she works her way down Bambino's body and pulls his cock out from his briefs. Within a matter of moments she has licked her way up the shaft of his dick and then taken his cock into her warm eager mouth. Using her hands and soft tongue to supplement the warmth of her mouth,
    Franceska Jaimes, Sophia Knight - League Of Frankenstien XXX

    In the early 20th Century, suave genius scientist Victor Frankenstein works with a grown up Peter and Wendy to open a portal to another dimension. When a sexy hooked handed female pirate is released into their world with an eye for domination and destruction, only a team comprising of the greatest heroes of their time can defeat her and so Frankenstein assembles a fighting force comprised of female monster hunter Van Helsing from Dracula, gun toting archeologist Jane, violent headcase Alice and a certain magical warrior fairy. Only together can they defeat the pirate army but first they must learn to work together. Packed with incredible special effects, this action packed, super sexy epic delivers a porno experience unlike anything before.
    Dont Stop Believing: Pop Disco 80s (2019) Музыка

    Исполнитель: Various Artist
    Название: Dont Stop Believing: Pop Disco 80s
    Жанр музыки: Pop, Disco, Dance
    Дата релиза: 2019
    Формат | Качество: MP3 | 320 kbps
    Размер: 1610 mb (+3% )
    Uma - Dick And Piss That Animalistic Chick XXX

    Uma's got a handyman over to her house to fix a hole in the ceiling, but as soon as she sees him in action she realizes that she needs some action! Walking over in her leopard print jacket, and then pulling out his already hard dick while he's on the job, he can't help but give in to her animalistic ways and go at it right then and there! No time to get rid of those clothes, he just needs to rip open a fuck hole in her pantyhose and then get to work on this high-class biotch! Uma can suck a mean dick, but she really shines when she spreads her legs wide open and takes a dick deep inside in multiple positions! Fully clothed and feelin' the heat, this freak keeps rockin' that meat until she gets a cumload right on her blouse! That's not all, however, as she also takes a warm, golden shower right to the face, and not to be outdone, Uma has plenty of piss of her own to make it rain all over this guy!
    Fresh Trance Releases 139 (2019) Музыка

    Название: Fresh Trance Releases 139 (2019)
    Жанр: Trance, Progressive, Uplifting Trance
    Год выпуска: 2019
    Количество треков: 84
    Время звучания: 08:37:47
    Формат: MP3
    Качество: 320kbps
    Размер: 1200 MB
    Candy - Sexy Model Wants To Make Lots Of Cash XXX

    Candy (33 mins) Candy is a very sexy blonde model who is looking for a chance to make a lot of money fast. I told her that with her looks that she has a great opportunity to make a lot of money if she is willing to try herself in the erotic industry. After she heard about how much money there was to be made she was willing to give it a shot so I got her to strip naked. Her body is great and I couldn't wait to get my hands on her silky smooth skin. She sucked me off on the couch and then we got down to business. I finished off by giving her a juicy creampie.
    Inferno Techno Electronics (2019) Музыка

    Исполнитель: Varied Performers
    Название: Inferno Techno Electronics
    Жанр музыки: Techno, Electronic
    Дата релиза: 2019
    Формат | Качество: MP3 | 320 kbps
    Размер: 1550 mb (+3% )
    Marica Hase, Matt Williams - It turns out Japanese girls really do sound like Anime when you brutally fucked them in bondage! XXX

    We welcome Marica Hase back to Sexually Broken. Born and raised in Japan, Marica has come to the United States to share with us her incredible desire to be bound and fucked, and we thank her for it.
    Прозрение / Los ojos de Julia (2010) HDRip / BDRip 720p / BDRip 1080p Фильмы

    Джулия находит свою ослепшую сестру-близнеца повесившейся в подвале собственного дома. У полиции никаких вопросов не возникает. Самоубийство. Причина ? тяжелая депрессия на почве полной потери зрения? Муж Джулии абсолютно солидарен с мнением блюстителей порядка. И только сама Джулия сильно сомневается в том, что ее сестра добровольно ушла из жизни подобным способом. Джулия почти уверена, что бедняжка стала жертвой хитроумного убийцы, изощренного маньяка? Понимая, что надеяться не на кого, женщина начинает самостоятельное расследование. Но проблема в том, что Джулия, как и ее сестра, страдает аналогичным дегенеративным заболеванием ? быстрой потерей зрения. И любое волнение немилосердно ускоряет этот необратимый процесс? Успеет ли Джулия завершить свое расследование до того, как ослепнет? И к чему оно приведет? Существует ли таинственный маньяк на самом деле? Или же сестра и вправду совершила самоубийство?
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