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  • Vic Marie (Slimthick Vic) - Sandman XXX

    While her husband is out of town, Vic has the craziest dream. While sharing it with her husband on the phone, she relives it almost too vividly.
    Katrina Moreno - Hot Latina with big tits and ass XXX

    Latina hottie Katrina Moreno got into the taxi today, but she didn't speak much English. She communicated enough to let me know where she wanted to go, and it was an expensive ride. As we got closer to the destination, I asked her how she would be paying. Katrina only had Euros, which were no good for me, I needed Czech crowns! Using my phone's translator, I told her if she flashed me she could have the ride for free. She got her big tits out, which immediately made me hard, and the sight of my cock made her give me a blowjob. I fucked her in the backseat, bouncing her big booty up and down on my cock, then came on her pussy!
    London River - Big Tit Blonde MILF, London River, Fucks A Big Bully For Her Husband's Sake XXX

    London River makes an appointment to visit her husband's boss because her husband's boss is a bully. London is going to talk to this bully of a boss to get him to ease up on her husband. Surprisingly her husband's boss agrees to stop the harassment, but not before giving her a creampie to take home to hubby.
    Naomi Foxxx - Sexy Petite Abony MILF, Naomi Foxxx, Gives Her Son's Friend A Naughty Sex Lesson! XXX

    Naomi Foxxx is at home doing laundry and as soon as she opens her son's room door, she's surprised to find her son's friend, Apollo, doing her son's homework! She thinks its not fair that Apollo is stuck doing school stuff while her lazy son is out having fun. Naomi decides to give Apollo a good time and show him some special sex positions he's never done before.
    Kendra Sinclaire, Nina Lawless - TS/w Chastity Cage fisted dildos cock penetration Destroys on mercilesly fucked creampied (11.03.2015) XXX

    Kendra Sinclaire shows that she is truly submissive to Nina Lawless. The scene starts with Kendra in a cock cage and Nina recording. Nina makes Kendra wink her butthole open and close before joining Kendra on the bed to stuff her ass with different huge dildos. Nina stuffs both ends of a long black double donger dildo into Kendra's ass. Nina knows that Kendra can take it so she adds her cock into Kendra's ass which is already being stretched by both ends of the double donger. Kendra screams and cries but makes sure to look at the camera and show her facial expressions like a good girl. Kendra's face shows everything from pain to pleasure to her eyes rolling back and accepting the destruction which is stretching her ass. All the while, her cock and balls are locked away in steel chastity. Nina destroys Kendra's ass with a gigantic, thick, clear screw dildo - screwing the giant toy into Kendra and sticking her cock in with it. Kendra is a true anal champion who stretches like no other. Nina still isn't done stretching Kendra. She puts on the white glove and lubes up her fist before ramming it into Kendra. And of course... Nina sticks her cock in also. Nina's fist + cock gapes Kendra so wide that Nina is able to JACK HERSELF OFF INSIDE OF KENDRA'S ASS. Don't believe it? Just wait for Nina to pull out her fist and cock and let that blow your mind. Kendra's asshole looks like a wide open red rosebud with white creamy lubricated swirls inside of it. Kendra is a good little girl with a big stretchy butthole. Nina let's her have a little break before Part 2 of the fun begins.
    Jessica Jaymes - Jessica 's Club XXX

    Damn , the other day, I went to the strip club and Jessica Jaymes "THE PORNSTAR" was feature dancing in the private champagne room... I didn't bust a nut for days and I am a huge fan. She saw that I was really shocked and she told me if I wanted to film for her website her dance. I had to agree so I started filming her smoking hot body around the pole, and ... after few minutes Jessica asked me if I wanted more seen I was a good customer over the stripper experience club. I watched her slowly take off my pants and she gave me the best blowjob of my life. Her eyes are stellar and I had to cum. I dumped a huge fat load on my dream pornstar girl and it was the best time of my life. Thank you Jessica
    Demi Sutra, Gianna Dior, Kiara Cole - Compete to Completion XXX

    Gianna Dior and Demi Sutra are extremely competitive - with everything from who wears the cutest panties to who cuts apples best. So when their smoking hot new roommate, Kiara Cole, moves in, the rivalrous babes are dead set on winning Kiara over first. And what better way to do that than by licking Kiara's juicy pussy? Demi and Giana seduce and play with their new roommate separately, but soon enough, the girls link up for a heated threesome.
    Susy Gala - Hardcore Poolside Pussy Workout XXX

    Spanish Senorita Susy Gala sizzles and steals the show in this triple-X Hands On Hardcore premium porn masterpiece.
    Gracie Glam - 20877 XXX

    Gracie Glam tells her husband that she's out with the girls, but in reality she's out fucking her husband's boss. That will definitely help her husband get that promotion he's been after.
    Alex Coal - May 2021 Fantasy Of The Month XXX

    Alex Coal has been living as roommates with Seth Gamble and Codey Steele for a while now. This nympho hasn't been fucked in months. Living with two guys is slow torture. She needs some dick, so she's been hitting on both roommates to see which one of them steps up first.
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