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Daniela - K daniela - precum draining

14 июня 2020. Разместил: memhis

...Daniela is super horny... but she doesn?t want to be that horny alone... she wants to see your dick trembling, and you begging for release... with her soft lips, tongue and her tender skin of her hands she will tease your rockhard dick for all eternity... she wants all of your liquids, as much as you can produce... she wants masses of your precum... don?t worry, she will lick up every drop of your transparent juice... she will slightly squeeze your helpless cockhead... squeeze out your upcoming precome... she will do it very very softly and slowly... so that you can see this process very clearly, even if your mind is going more and more powerless... she will make your dick leak out... her tongue and lips are always prepared to absorb more and more... she will demonstrate what?s all possible with your veiny cock between her sexy hands and lips... (no cumshot in part A) gave Daniela all your precum you could produce... better said, she kept you on the edge and enforced it... (see part A)... your muscles are weak... your balls are blue... your body and your bladder absorbed already some of your cum, you loose during two dry orgasms in this edging session... finally she allows you to cum on her lips with the lousy rest of your remaining liquids... this is the time, when you realize that Daniela can handle your dick better than you could do it by yourself... perhaps a matter of discipline?!...

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Год выпуска ролика: 2020
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