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Lexi Lowe, Meg Magic - K Craving Lips

9 декабря 2021. Разместил: memhis

Lexi and Meg... two girls, how love sucking dicks as a duo... real teamplayer... the blond cute Lexi shows Meg after a while her speciality... the deep slow blowjob... she likes the cock deep in her mouth, till her throat... she encloses your cock with her soft, craving lips and goes down very slowly, till she has it completely, then she moves up again, millimeter per millimeter... with her gorgeous blue eyes she looks into yours during this move, observing your reaction... and smiling about your open mouth... also Meg gives this a try afterwards... Lexi's and Meg's lips are sucking on your cock with concentrated passion... if Lexi takes your cock deep into her mouth, Meg is sucking your balls and is just waiting to spot a blank place on your shaft to suck in her craving lips again... covered in sexy lips, irresistible they bring you to the point of your juicy release, right into Lexi?s warm mouth...

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