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  • Dany - Spoiled virgin Dany fucks her boyfriend with some help from a nurse XXX

    Dany isn't feeling well so she calls a nurse to come over. Her boyfriend arrives first and tries to make her feel better and the nurse arrives. She start undressing her to find out what the problem is and after having her pussy spread wide it's obvious. She needs to get fucked. Dany starts blowing her boyfriend on the couch while the nurse hold her hair back. Then he starts plowing her on the couch while the nurse holds her head. She gets flipped over and takes it doggy style before riding his dick. She finishes off with a facial.
    Patricya L., Selena B. (Maria Pie, Mira V) - Back Home XXX

    Selena and Patricya have just met, but one thing is for sure... these two sexy gals are really into each other, and their chemistry is undeniable. All they can think of doing is taking each others clothes off and spending the afternoon pleasuring each other. Luckily for both of them, that's exactly what they do. :) Their tight bodies fit so well together and they each love touching the other so much and as much as possible... especially where it feels the best... on their sweet, wet pussies. It doesn't take long to end up on the bed together, and that's when things really get going... each of them using their fingers and tongues to the make the other feel as good as possible. Come on in and see what it's like to stay home with these two
    Roxi Red - Roxi And The Peeper XXX

    Usually a woman screams her head off and dials 911 when she sees a dude staring at her through her living room doors. But not Roxi Red. The peeper's sauntered into the back of the house through a side gate and seems to know exactly what he's looking for. Roxi sees him through the glass as she's sitting on the couch but she doesn't jump up, we're sorry to say. Roxi casually walks over to the glass door and teases him with her gigantic super-tits, lifting up her tight crop top and showing him her bare nipples. Roxi presses them against the glass like a girl in one of those old-fashioned peepshow booths and the peeper licks the glass in return. Roxi goes back to the couch and this dude just walks into the living room. So Roxi knows all about this joker from the neighborhood. He moved in with his family a few months ago and ever since he saw this superwoman, he's been crushing hard for her. Coming behind Roxi, he makes a move on her unbelievable boobs and that's cool with Roxi who looks amused.
    Adreena Winters - Adreena Winters XXX

    OK, so we're one of those sites that sometimes puts up really long scenes, aren't we? Like Sabrina-Jay's a few weeks ago, and Jaiden West's next week (that one's going to blow your mind, guys). And when you see the running time for one of those scenes you know it's going to be juicy because we wouldn't be filming for so long if it wasn't, right? So interpret me this, dearest friends and collaborators -- what does it mean when an interview runs for 33 minutes and then the fuck scene that follows it runs for 26 minutes? Mmm. It means things were going really well and then maybe they stopped going really well. And such is the case with Adreena Winters' appearance on PSS this week. We'd been trying to get her to do a shoot for a couple of years. We knew she was a sub. We'd talked but she'd never committed because she was concerned about the strength of our shoots, said she could take it but she didn't want to put herself into those kinds of full-on situations again. We said no worries, it doesn't have to be full-on, we always tailor what we shoot according to what turns the girl on anyway. So the shoot finally happened -- and it really shouldn't have. Because it turned out to be a complete fucking disaster. Here's what happened. Adreena wanted some content of her own so first we shot a wank scene for us (not great), then a scene for her (ok), then we sat her down for our interview and she talks about her whole BDSM journey and experiences, including a load of shit she went through for a couple of years when she was, literally, a professional sub. And this is when stuff starts to go wrong. She agrees that a good way to kick the scene off would be for me and her to feel our way forward because she prefers to sense things rather than have them spelt out. So although Andy checks her safe words with her, he doesn't actually get a really specific list of what she likes. And this is after having talked with her on the phone a few weeks before and not got a crystal-clear idea about things back then either. And that mightn't have been calamitous -- chances are I could driven things forward ok with her -- except that Andy suddenly decides, out of nowhere, that he wants a bit of slap-&-tickle with her on camera before passing her over to me. And then he starts spanking her just a bit too hard -- I can see it in her eyes straightaway -- and talking down to her, which was one of the things she actually said she didn't like. And the idiot's completely blind to what he's doing. There's a whole section we've cut out -- because it would, quite simply, bore you to tears -- where she's lying on the sofa and he's taking the piss out of her tattoos. So by the time I take over she's actually quite tearful and gamely trying to hide it. At which point, irrespective of the fact that she's not using her safe words to stop things, we just carry on shooting when we should have stopped. And ten minutes later when I'm fucking her hard in doggy, I start spanking her and she starts to cry and still we don't stop because -- again -- she doesn't use her safe words. And then further on after that, well it's just a bit of a slog really (and Andy's edited a lot out because it just goes on and on and on), and eventually she fakes an orgasm and I cum in her mouth and get her to swallow and finally -- phew -- we're past the finishing line. So yes, for a series that prides itself in the quality of its sex this one falls a tad short. It's not unwatchable. Vivienne L'Amour would certainly find a lot to enjoy in it (and her own interview will tell you why). But it's not entertaining the way we like to be entertaining. Basically Adreena was fragile and Andy shouldn't have gone anywhere near her. She was very forthcoming with him afterwards about how much she felt he'd betrayed her after building up trust with her during the interview. She thought he'd built her up just to shoot her down. He hadn't. He was just locked into his own thing of trying to be entertaining in front of the camera, belittling her, spanking her arse. Prioritizing his comfort zone over hers. Except she was the WORST girl he could have been doing that with. And poor as it sounds we didn't pause the shoot like we have with a couple of other SubSluts in the past because it was late in the afternoon, the day had really dragged, we still had a four-hour drive ahead of us to get back home, none of us had had any lunch, etc. None of that's a defence. I just mention it to show how easily things can fuck up. We'll endeavor to do much better next time.
    Loren Minardi - Knocking on the backdoor XXX

    Loren likes when her 'visitors' come through the backdoor. But let's face it... that ass should be worshipped. Luckily Toby is ready to step up to take the task and give Loren the well-deserved anal pleasuring.
    Alyssia Kent - Cum Get Me XXX

    Naughty Alyssia has something that belongs to Raul and she won't give it back. Alyssia is horny and wants sex before she gives it back. Raul offers his big hard cock which gets her wet. After sliding his cock deep into her tight pussy, she moans with pleasure. Then Alyssia takes a hot splash of cum all over her sexy tits. Now he can get his stuff back.
    Lady Fyre - Tub Time with Mommy XXX

    Mommy is taking another bubble bath. It's one of her favorite things to do, and sometimes you sit in the bathroom, watch her. But today when you walk in, something strange happens. You see her breasts covered in bubbles, your penis gets hard. She notices, and she tells you that you must be going through puberty. She's assures you it's very normal, and she pulls your cock out of your underwear. She strokes it, explains that when you see something that you really like, it will get hard, and you have to rub it until it's not hard anymore. When you're older, have a girlfriend she might even rub it for you. Lady Fyre"Or if you're lucky," she says, "she might do this for you..." and she turns around, puts your young, hard dick inside her. It feels really strange but it feels so good. Then she starts bouncing up, down on it slowly, and you feel like you're going to go crazy. You've never felt anything like this before.If you are doing this with your girlfriend though, you need to know that there's some white stuff that will come out of your penis, and you can't get that inside her or she might get pregnant." So mom turns back around, rubs your penis with her breasts, and then rubs it with her hand until you cum all over the place. You had no idea your penis could do that, and you're real glad mom showed you how
    Amateur - Party Hardcore Gone Crazy Vol. 20 Part 6 XXX

    Music is louder and we party harder! All the beauties on the party have gone crazy. Ladies pull up their skirts and ride the nearest cock. And those with no skirts go down on their knees and suck the nearest Boner. The lucky ones got both their tight holes filled with massive Penises. Girls bend over and fuck and suck like there is no tomorrow and the party turns into one super hot Orgy. There is nothing else to do than let the ladies enjoy themselves and cover their pretty faces with loads of Cum.
    Sasha Steele - Sasha Steele XXX

    t's all change at PSS Towers as Andy prepares to flee the shores of Blighty and set up shop on the continent where the UK authorities can't boss us around and tell us what we can shoot and what we can't. Like, no word of a lie -- squirting. When it comes to porn this country is a joke, fuck-fans. Meddlesome, intrusive, censorious and boy if they can bitch-slap you with a fine big enough to see your business go belly-up in a picosecond they'll do it. So if you don't want to play by the rules there's only one thing you can do. Move your editorial office overseas. Do that and you're off their patch and they can't touch you. Which, in our case, was Essex but ain't Essex no more cos Andy's gone baby gone and we're free to do what we want. None of which will interrupt the steady flow of cunt-tastic PSS scenes because he's going to flying back in to shoot a fresh batch of honey-drippin' and drool-a-dribblin' SubSluts with me every month but it does kind of set this scene up because today's the last day that we're going to be shooting in his flat in Southend. Which isn't much in the way of setting a scene up but that's all we've got. "This is the last time we're shooting here. Er, here's the bitch..." And the bitch's name is Sasha Steele, and she is 35, and she's a bit of a hippy chick. Does lots of meditation. Told me that she chanted in her car all the way back home after the scene, some Indian mystic shit, probably shock therapy to help her come to terms with the preceding couple of hours. Well you did ask for it, love. Humiliation? Check. Face-slapping? Check. Face-spitting? Check. Choking? Check. Hard spanking? Check. Lady received what she requested, top to toe, I thank you ma'am. And no we don't believe that fake orgasm when she's playing with herself either. Apologies for that. But the one she pops out when she's riding me was for real, I was there, snug as a bug up her and duly receptive to her internal pleasure rumblings. And the squirting when she's on the floor and Andy's got the pillow over her face -- the biz. Never squirted like that hard before she said afterwards. So I think what's going on here was that she was actually really nervous -- she'd never really had it this rough before, she wanted to test it out but she was really reserved about it -- and it took me a bit of time to really strip all of that away. But when that happens things really fly. And the interview's good too. Well worth a gander, boys and girls.
    Amber Ivy - Goes Fuckabilly XXX

    Amber worried she and her boyfriend Johnny Castle would be late to the movies because of his video gaming distraction. Dolled up in pigtails and kitty cat ears, out of frustration she revealed a dirty secret: that she, too, was a gamer and could beat the level easily. He didn't believe her at first, but got turned on as she defeated the boss level, and.. of course they had to bone! She sat on his face and encouraged him to pwn her dripping wet pussy as she played on, eventually switching to pounding with his stiff joystick. Who needs the movies when you can play XBox and chill!
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