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  • Hannah Hays - Hannah Hays XXX

    Hannah is a sexy and slender new comer with a bright future in porn. She is sweet and quiet but don't let that look of innocence fool you. She absolutely loves sucking cock as much as she loves having her tight pink pussy licked properly. And she already knows how to deepthroat and take a facial.
    Pepper Hart - Pepper Hart XXX

    Pepper Hart is a size queen. This is a fact. She's a true redhead, too! (The carpet matches the drapes!) Pepper is a MILF, too, even though she looks much younger than her actual age. She's also a huge fan of porn, and she loves watching big black dicks pound the shit out of tight, white cunts. She loves watching a white cunt get stretched beyond its limits, ruining any white boys chance of pleasure it again. She loves porn so much, Pepper's decided to add "porn star" to her other sex work...namely stripping. Pepper reached out to Blacks on Blondes in order to work with the legendary Mandingo. She needed his 13" slab of meat to open her up. Pepper needed to be stretched out and used. This is exactly what "Dingo" does, stretching her pink hole much further than she's ever experienced, and ruining her cunt for the white man!!
    Cat Bangles - "Anal Me Tonight" XXX

    The great Cat Bangles admires herself in the mirror before her date shows up. Cat knows she's hot and makes guys hot. When she pulls out her big natural hooters, she owns you. Tony watches her from a distance for a few seconds before making his move. The first thing he does is suck Cat's grand tits, then he goes down on her juicy pussy and finger-bangs her. Here is the thing about Cat: She loves fucking, sucking and sex in all of its positions and techniques. She loves to squish a cock inside her cleavage and fuck it. When she sucks a man's dick, she drools like a river. (Her sloppy blow job at 10 minutes into this scene is a winner.) Cat's very vocal and likes to finger her tight, pierced pussy when she's getting fucked in her ass. That happens at 19:40 in this video.
    Kendra Spade - The Anal Virgin XXX

    SCENE opens early one morning. Jennifer, an 18-year-old girl, slowly wakes up to the sound of slapping coming from down the hall. Confused, she gets out of bed and goes to her doorway. Her step-brother, Jason's room is on the other end of the hall and his door is ajar. The sounds are coming from inside. Nervously, she tip-toes over and peeks inside, seeing her brother, sitting on his bed, with his back to the door, and his laptop open. He is watching a hardcore anal sex movie and feverishly masturbating. Jennifer doesn't know what to do. She watches transfixed as he pumps his cock and dirty talks to the movie, saying how much he likes and wants to fuck anal virgins. Embarrassed, Jennifer slips back to her room and gets into bed. She doesn't know how to feel. She crawls under her covers and lays there in silence, biting her lip. Her thighs squeeze together, and, in an under the cover shot, we see her slide her hand between them and start to touch herself.
    Joseline Kelly - Mesmerizing Feet XXX

    oseline Kelly knows how to attract attention to her beautiful feet. Truth to be told, those lovely legs would turn any man on, and this time showing off with them serves her cause very well. But what his her goal? You'll find out soon.
    Сохраняя частичку тебя / Keeping A Piece Of You (2021/FullHD) XXX

    Диана хочет, чтобы ее пасынок оплодотворил ее, так она хочет сохранить частичку своего покойного мужа. Отец Ромеро - лицемерный священник, убеждает напуганную девушку Люси отказаться от анальной девственности. Он говорит ей, что может осмотреть ее, чтобы убедиться, что с ней действительно все в порядке. И только он может удостовериться, что она чиста, и спасти ее от грехов.
    Ненасытные красотки 3 / Horny Beauties 3 (2021/FullHD) XXX

    Алекса Флекси - студентка колледжа, вынуждена сидеть дома из-за плохих оценок, но с радостью принимает дополнительное сексуальное наказание от своего отчима. Милена Рэй - всегда возбужденная нимфоманка, меняет свою любимую игрушку в пользу мужского члена. Стейси Кристал - играет со своим парнем, чтобы заставить его трахнуть ее в задницу. Мэри Рок - решила провести лето в одиночестве, но ее ждет сюрприз.
    Linda Love - Ass Domination XXX

    Hot brunette Linda Love receives Toby's cock in all her holes. His throbbing dick fucks her, again and again, in her ass and pussy with vigorous energy! She even takes it deep down her throat! And guess what... Toby's not alone he comes with some toys!
    Ashley Adams - Sex With Her Bestie's Boyfriend XXX

    When Ashley comes into town for a visit, she's out to find some fresh new cock. But when she's offered a place to stay in her best friend's house, it's her BFF's boyfriend Sean who catches Ashley's eye. Sean is unprepared for the wild ways of his house guest. How can he concentrate when Ashley is walking around in panties, or playing with herself while watching porn? Sean tries to reign in his desires - however, the horny Ashley comes into the bedroom to claim her prize. She sneakily teases his cock with her ass and mouth before leading him to her room...
    Красотки блондинки 2 / Blonde Babes 2 (2021/FullHD) XXX

    Эшли Лейн - участвует в сцене интенсивного анального секса, чтобы в конце получить в награду порцию спермы. Коко Лавлок - сексуальная девушка, особенно когда сосет член. Затем ее жестко трахают. Эйден Эшли - сначала ей ласкают киску, а затем жестко трахают. Хейли Спейдс - любит играть со своей киской, но еще больше она любит трахаться.
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