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  • Charlotte Sartre - : Kawaii Ass Fuck XXX

    I met Charlotte through this site GothSlutHookup. She?s one of these bad-ass little kawaii goth internet sluts. If you?re on Instagram you probably know what I?m talking about (and if you don?t know what kawaii is go look it up, thank me later). This younger generation of girls is getting freakier and freakier with their style and Charlotte is no exception. A lot of guys would probably skip her just because of how scary and intimidating she seems. Not me haha. I saw right passed all the black clothes and gloomy, ?fuck you? facial expressions and went for the throat. I knew this girl was a total freak and could be turned into something amazing with the right treatment and approach. Well I slid into her DM?s and hit her with some straightforward dominant talk and she fell right into my hands. I told her to come over to my place and once she got here I instantly knew I had a special one. She was way tinier in person than in her photos and she proudly told me she only weighs 95 pounds. Well after I reamed out her ass hole for an hour and a half and puke fucked all the fluid out of her, I think she probably tops out around 90 now. Either way, don?t miss this date, it?s an epic one.
    Carolina Sweets - Back to Back Black XXX

    There's something better than just sucking a long thick cock and Carolina Sweets is up for the task! She challenges herself to blow both of her date's big black cocks! After intensively deep-throating and gagging, the little slutty teen takes 2 big loads of sweet cum!
    Kimmie Foxx - Anal Fuck Bunny Craves Proper Pounding XXX

    This is Kimmie?s second porn shoot. So we can?t call her brand-new but she just about is as near as dammit. She?d been mulling it over in her mind for a while about being a porn slut but a new boyfriend, ignorant of her dirty daydreams, triggered things off when he told her how good she?d be at it. He then promptly advised her that she?d better start training her asshole to take a big hard cock, since taking it up the sh*tter was pretty much de rigeur for ladies of said profession, and she duly obliged, albeit a little apprehensively given previous not-entirely-positive experiences. A man after my own heart. Fast-forward to the penetration for which she?s being paid an extra ?50 and Kimmie Foxx takes my willy up her poop-chute like a trooper, especially given the fact that, as is my want, I?ve greased her hole up with little more than a splat or two of spit. It?s a fantastic sequence ? you can tell she?s not totally comfortable with it and she?s worried. But I ease in gently, build my rhythm up slowly and she warms up very nicely indeed, so much so that after a while she puts her wand back on her clit and requests that I pump her harder. Good girl. The less said about the set-up of the scene the better. For some reason Andy thought it would be a good idea to have her play a naughty fitness instructor hired to train me to fuck harder. Apparently he thinks I haven?t been going to the gym enough. Er, I may not have. But Kimmie doesn?t disappoint in this week?s updates guys. Her interview?s really frank, she totally gets off and cums during her solo masturbation vid while I tease her stroking my dong right in front of her nose, and she squirts and cums a second time in the scene. My cock?s a picture while I?m banging her, all shiny and wet from her juices. Stay tuned for Saturday?s extra sex as well. After we took the pics we shot a foot fetish fuck with me banging her in different positions ? tippy-toes always pointed of course ? and shooting my milky load all over her toes. Yum!
    Teanna Trump - Guess Who's Back XXX

    Teanna comes back to LA from London and visits her old boyfriend Bill. Bill is taken aback by her reappearance into his life and, quite literally, his lap. Teanna lays her sexy feet on him, strapped in sharp black leather heels. He's still hesitating though, it's been a long time! Before long though, he's licking and sucking her toes from the ground before she takes him to her pussy to suck and fuck.
    Natasha Starr - Tell Me When It's Over! XXX

    Natasha Starr?s mom is trying to ?chaperone? the movie streaming and chill date she?s set up with her boyfriend, Xander Corvus. Luckily- Natasha knows her mom absolutely HATES scary movies, so she puts on the goriest, most suspense-filled thriller she can find and sneakily sucks and fucks her boyfriend while her mom covers her face with a blanket.
    Violet Starr - Violet Needs It Naughty And To Be Spanked XXX

    While Emma (Penny Pax) is snooping around the room Mariah (Violet Starr) shows up with another random sexual partner to get what she wants. So Emma hides beneath the bed and hears all the choking, spanking and rough fucking Mariah needs.
    Silvie, Evelin - Twins 1 XXX

    The crazy twins want a proper piece of meat. Silvie and Evelin, two nasty Czech sisters, got a wacky idea. Sis, how about fucking a guy right on the street?! They dragged a stunned guy in shrubbery and fucked him in and out! They were sharing him like two lioness share their prey. The guy couldn't get his head around what was happening to him. A fucking fata morgana. Twins like two peas in a pod. They fucked him in every imaginable way and pissed on him in the end!!! He might be still lying there, screwed and covered with piss. Their pussies are like chilli peppers. Deviant slutty twins! Funny, wacky and perverted! Get ready for the twins!
    Courtney Taylor - A Stepmothers Love XXX

    I thought I was alone in the house and began to masturbate. My stepmom unexpectedly came back into the house and caught me. Instead of giving me a lecture, she gave me a hand
    Sofie Marie - Family Makes Me Feel Better XXX

    Sofie Marie is a caring stepmother who goes to make sure her stepson Dylan is up and ready for school. When she gets to his room he is still in bed and claiming to not be feeling well. Sofie steps right in to check his temperature. He feels a little hot, but Sofie decides to make the call on an old fashioned trick. If his dick still works properly, he should be good to go! Sofie saw his penis was already erect and began to jerk him off. She used her mouth to suck out the sickness, then Dylan rammed her tight milfy pussy to get out any excess flu he may have had. Sofie then takes one for the family and receives his hot steamy load leaving Dylan in perfect health and ready for school!
    Tiffany Tyler - Touchless Orgasm XXX

    In this POV style video Mistress Tiffany has you restrained down to the bed so she can brutally tease your cock. She enjoys seeing you helpless, so desperate to cum... She alternates between stroking and slightly touching your cock with one or two fingers when you are ready to blow. She teases you to the point of no return, she gets you so horny that you can cum with no touch at all. Tiffany just smiles starring at your cock spewing rope after rope of white cum,, she doesn't even have a finger on your cock, she is just that good
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