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  • Natalia Starr - My Asshole for a Promotion XXX

    Natalia Starr is trying to help her husband get that promotion byhis boss over for dinner. He is a nervous wreck but his wife... Tall, blonde, slender, and with legs that connect to a heart shaped ass that makes any dick she walks by instantly stand up. Well, she has a plan to help her husband back into that promotion. The three of them are drinking wine and suddenly they are all out and she wants more, but so does the boss man. Her husband wanting to please the boss runs out to get another bottle. That?s when his wife who is wearing a sweet black frock stands up and offers the boss sex for her husband?s promotion. He says you?re not the first to offer this to me. She says, I?m offering you my asshole. And she says it in that suggestive soft womanly way. The boss heads to her bedroom where she disrobes and agrees to be his sexy fuck toy. He gets to it sticking her ass like a pincushion and talking like a powerful boss to a slut rag doll. He fucks her and is basically slamming her body on the bed and twisting her legs like a pretzel whilehis way with her asshole. The whole time she is making the sexiest noises and telling him to fuck her asshole over and over in that voice that makes your dick go crazy. Nothing was better than the creamy load that crowned her brown eye towards the end though, it?s definitely a must see!
    Susy Gala - The Adventures of Potro and Pony XXX

    The season finale of this outrageous series is finally here starring Susy Gala, a spectacular goddess that will show you how to tame an animal as wild as Pony while she fucks the hell out of Potro de Bilbao. And it all happens in a very special location: a junkyard. Are you ready for some craziness?
    Mystica Jade - Anal Slut to the Max XXX

    Mystica Jade has returned. And she's here to show off her butthole. She gives us some pretty cool history about the cocks that have been in her ass. You know, for context. Then James Deen takes over and fucks her in the butt. I just have to say that there is a lot of anal sex in this scene, and that Mystica seems really into it. If you need more of a description before watching this scene, maybe you should just subscribe to some shitty lit-erotica site.
    Ashley Fires - Mother, Son Try Taboo XXX

    Baby, you didn't have to hide this from me. I'm your Mother, we share everything with eachother... And you don't need to feel ashamed, it's pefectly natural to watch porn, although it seems like all the videos are Mothers and sons... I'm just curious why you like this. Do you image it's me when you watch them? It's okay baby, you can tell me... Maybe we could watch this together... Just make sure you don't tell your Father.
    Kitty Caprice - ASS Seen on TV XXX

    Introducing the world?s most versatile ass! Kitty Caprice has an ass this guy can stuff a smartphone into the crack of. The crazier thing is shoving a phone in that booty redefines what booty call is in a very literal and perverted way. Later, they were chilling on his new couch and he notices there aren?t any pillows. This hot teen with killer curves turns over and offers up that ass for pillows. The man is stunned at the buoyant, firm, and somehow soft ass before him. He takes some time feeling that up and comments in amazement about how this magnificent tush is like a tempur pedic memory foam pillow but made out of hot teen ass. Kitty knows now that he has grabbed, squeezed, and rested his head on her ass that it?s his turn to do something for her. She wants that dick of his and so she mounts him. This is where you get some fantastic butt bongo ass bouncing greatness. The camera angles catch this sweet ass in it?s bouncing glory. There is nothing like seeing juicy curves bouncing off stiff cock and this video will definitely take care of your needs! This guy is clearly wanting to blow his load from how turned on he is. Finally after holding back as long as he can, he bends her over and splatters her ass with with a buckshot level cumshot that looks like a sawed off rifle was loaded with cum shells. Talk about an asstastic cum filled finale!
    Cayla Lyons, Serenity - Pussy Play Pals: Lesbians Eat Each Other Out XXX

    Serenity and Cayla Lyons are the cause of our quivering dicks and gooey hands after watching today's episode of Euro Girls on Girls. The leggy blondes turn the heat up to sweltering in the studio in this saucy lesbian porn video where they spend the entire time with their faces buried between one another's curvy asses and shaved pussies.
    Taissia Shanti - Feminism Just Got Serious XXX

    A cute, little brunette has her slave chained up. She plays with his cock, using her mouth and tiny hands. Once he is released he laps at her pussy and incessantly rams her pretty snatch before pulling out and spraying her beaver with semen.
    Cecilia, Clover - New Game XXX

    Brilliant girlfriends Cecilia and Clover found a new game. They aren?t shy about undressing in front of each other and demonstrating the most intimate parts of their bodies. Hotties with fragile body spread legs and get the access to seductive slits. Looks like these gentle twats of WoWGirls models need some tender attitude. That?s why skilled tongues bring both angels back to the heaven. Nothing can stop such a lustful lesbian action. The hottie will never forget such amazing sexual experience!
    Cherry Kiss - High End XXX

    Luscious Cherry looks drop dead gorgeous as she enjoys some time on the beach wearing nothing more than her sensual string bikini. As a waitress at a high-end golf club, she is lucky enough to enjoy some real perks of the job - including some of the exclusive clientele. Although flirting isn't allowed on the premises, there are some opportunities that are just too good to pass up.
    Khloe Kapri - A Deal To Remember 2 XXX

    Ever since their first hook-up, Haley and Mr Powell?s "Relationship" has been going strong. She continues to hook up with her, he continues to be generous. For valentines day he especially spoiled her with a ton of gifts and sexy lingerie. When she arrives, she realizes that he wasn?t finished... There was still some chocolate to be had.
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