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  • Lena - Slender Teeny Open for Anal XXX

    This slender teeny is so open in sex even experimenting with hard anal seems like a natural thing to try. When getting fucked in her mouth and pussy is just not enough anymore she follows with some nasty ass fucking taking cock in her tight chocolate hole like a perfect slut. The guy sure loves backdoor-fucking this beauty cuz her ass hole feels so smooth and tight. That's the ...
    Yasmin Lee, Jimmy Bullet - All For You: A Pleasure-Filled POV Punishment! XXX

    Little did you know that today was going to be your day. That's right. Your day to be demolished by the devastatingly divine Yasmin Lee's hard, powerful, dripping wet cock! Your day to be SPANKED and SUCKED and FUCKED by the goddess herself. Your day to be told what a little fucking useful slut you are, you filthy cock whore. Enjoy it, because Yasmin Lee doesn't have time to come around and deposit her delicious sticky nectar all over your disgusting hole and dominate you into a pleasure-filled oblivion just every day. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so DON'T FUCK IT UP!
    Mariska - Mariska's little secret XXX

    It's the big day for Clea, she's going to introduce her new boyfriend to her mother Mariska.
    Kendall Karson - Kendall Karsons Facefucking Action XXX

    Kendall Karson is all ready to get deep throated in her depths. After teasing you with a sensual striptease, she crouches to the cock and at it like a piece of meat. She will makes the juicy come out of it only after she's satisfied.
    Scarlit Scandal - Night Owl XXX

    Sexy babe Scarlit Scandal is completely unable to sleep at night. After trying to fight it for a while, spending nights tossing and turning in her bed, Scarlit chose to embrace being a night owl. She now works as a confident and sensual lady of the night, able to please men regardless of what they're looking for. On this night, she invites Jake Adams into her home. Jake's only request is that she treat him the way she'd treat a true lover. Scarlit proves herself more than capable of meeting Jake's needs.
    Katrina Jade - Katrina Gets A Pervy Massage XXX

    The sexy Katrina Jade just wanted a simple massage, but Xander decided to take things a step further. He oils Katrina up and starts massaging, but within seconds his groping her and using his dick as an extra... massage implement. Katrina gives in to this blatantly sexy style of massage and, soon enough, she and Xander are fucking.
    Pam - Pam, The Princess Of J&M XXX

    An iron will in a dream body ... Pam, it is the sex bomb that we take pleasure to see and see again in front of the camera!
    Baby Kitten - DP for the girlfriend's bratty daughter XXX

    You'll have to imagine for a moment how we came across Baby Kitten, because it's the sort of thing that doesn't happen often. Pascal was walking down the street and bumps into a 19 year old hottie that recognizes him as the big man from one of her favorite porn sites. Right away, they whisk off to a hotel wherein she demonstrates her worthiness to become a SubSlut. It was really that simple. Straight from that chance encounter to your screen, we present the gorgeous Baby Kitten. She claims to have had her first orgasm at 18, but we have serious reservations as to the veracity of that claim. She essentially went from virgin to whore in a year; it's not impossible, just impossibly uncommon. Such are the transformative powers of sexuality. We try a set-up that will mesh with her apparent inexperience: Pascal's girlfriend leaves her daughter in his charge, and the young lass pounces on her opportunity to launch a career in pornography. But as the scene unfolds, Baby Kitten proves to be as seasoned as any well traveled MILF we've had. So there you have it. Virginal submissive fuckdoll falls from the sky onto the set of PSS. When a good thing like this comes your way, it's best to not question it.
    Kate - Kate's 2nd Gloryhole Visit XXX

    Oddly enough, Kate was a little nervous during her second visit and I couldn't figure out why until she started talking about some new guy she's been seeing. She said he would be turned on if her watched the video but I think she was a bit nervous in case he found out how she likes to spend her afternoons.
    Riley Reid, Shay Fox - Lesbians in Lockdown XXX

    The verdict is in, and now Riley Reid's off to the slammer for a crime she swears she didn't commit. The guard on duty is all hands, but he's nothing compared to her fellow inmate Shay Fox, a busty MILF domme who loves petite women like Riley. As soon as they're alone together, Shay strips off Riley's prison oranges to get at the perky little tits beneath. Riley's freaked out but also aroused, and before long she's sucking on Shay's big fake tits. It's a freaky lesbian prison fuck-fest as the two naughty babes suck and fuck each other with their feet, a strap-on, and even each other's wet little tongues. Welcome to maximum security, Riley!
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