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  • Melissa Moore - Extreme Dating XXX

    Melissa Moore just looked too damn cute to be lurking around on hookup sites. I told her that, and she said she just liked looking at all the boys. Well right there I knew she was gonna be a freak. ?Looking at boys? translates to ?flicking the bean? in my book (and ?flicking the bean? translates to diddling herself). I could just tell she was sexually frustrated and looking for someone to help her break out of her shell, typical internet chick. I got her over to my house and when I opened the door her tits almost bounced out and knocked me in the face. These things are huge! When I saw them I instantly started getting ideas. I did my best to keep the chit-chat to a minimum and we started making out on the couch. Once I got a handful of those tits the switch just flipped in my head and I started going to town. She was very receptive to everything I tried so I kept going. What follows is about an hour and a half of lightning-fast, non stop, brutal sexual mayhem. I spit-fuck Melissa like she was born to do it and she loved every minute of it! Man I tell ya, there is nothing like watching a real freak do her thing, and Melissa was a sight to behold!
    Gia - Puketastic! XXX

    Gia was a bright-eyed pig-tailed cutie who just wanted to have fun. I found her on this site I used to lurk on called LustConnection.com. She obviously new what she was there for, and so did I. I didn?t make too much small talk. When she asked me what kind of fun activities I was into I told her about one of the girls I met up with last week and how I had puke-fucked her. That seemed to make her perk right up and she told me how she had always wanted to be fucked that like that. I gave her the address and she showed up a couple hours later with a big smile and a bigger ass. I mean this girl has a DUMPER. I welcomed her inside and we sat on the couch and started talking, but after a few minutes I didn?t see any reason to keep the charade going. I had her stand up in front of me and started to take her clothes off. A little while later I had her covered in a thick layer of slobber, crying and begging me for more cock!
    Riley Mae, Alec Knight - Done Deal XXX

    I fucking love L.A.! Going out for a brisk walk, I spot Riley Mae walking past me and I get a sudden urge to stop her. As we pass each other I stop and turn around and catch up to her. Didn't really feel bad about it since the vibe in Cali was so fucking chill. She extremely cool with it and wasn't one bit snotty about it. After talking for 10 minutes I finally say "Fuck It" and ask her if she wants to come back to my place. To my surprise gentlemen, she said "ok" and in my head I'm fucking dancing! We head back to my place and just so has it Riley Mae is a fucking freak!
    Lacey - Girls Rule, Girls Drool XXX

    Lacey was a skinny little school girl who was basically 100% DTF right of the bat. Literally. Her first words to me were ?Ugh I wanna suck some cock sooo bad? or something like that. I love these kinds of girls, the ones that just seem to fall in your lap. I told her let?s hang out and she skipped on down the street since we lived nearby. When she showed up we both already new what was gonna happen, so no use wasting time. I sat her down on the couch and started feeling her up and realized she had one of those big jeweled butt plugs stuffed up her ass already. Man I tell ya, girls these days are wild. Those butt plugs are starting to become a fashion statement with the younger generation and I, for one support it. I pulled the thing out of her ass and proceeded to completely ream it out with my cock. I brutalized this girl?s butt hole for about an hour and when I was done face fucking her it looked like her head had been dipped in slime.
    Mckenzie Lee - The Audit XXX

    Keiran's in a position of power to embezzle money from his company... until he gets busted by McKenzie, who comes to audit him. How far will he go to convince her not to whistleblow?
    Abby Rains - Behind Closed Doors XXX

    Abby Rains and her stepbrother Logan Long have long ago given in to their unquenchable thirst for each other. The only trick now is to get it on without getting caught by Daisy Stone, Abby's sister. The tow are flirting in the living room when Daisy nearly catches them kissing. Later, in the kitchen, Daisy tries seducing Logan by massaging her tits and then his hardon. She even goes down on her knees to start sucking Logan off! That's when Daisy walks in on them, as Abby is lovingly worshipping her stepbro's hardon with her mouth.
    Jess West - Dressed Up XXX

    All natural milf Jess West is a British hottie whose tight miniskirt dress accentuates her lush curves and gives you a peek at her thigh high stockings. Once she starts peeling off her clothes, including her tight thong, you will love gazing upon her cum craving landing strip fuck hole.
    Osa Lovely - The Stepmom of Your Dreams XXX

    Xander Corvus can't tell if he's dreaming or not anymore when he keeps waking up from a sexy dream involving his new stepmother Osa Lovely. Every time he wakes up, she pops back up, beckoning him to put his big cock inside of her! When Xander finds Osa in the shower with her nylons on, he can't believe his eyes, and at that point doesn't care if what's happening is real or not; he just wants to fuck his hot stepmom!
    Kat Dior - Butt Dial XXX

    My name is Kat and I?m a tiny ball of energy! I get very excited when a guy says the right things and touches me in the right places. Some guys handle it well, some don?t lol.. If you think you can handle me we should hang out bc honestly, I haven?t been fucked up my ass good in like weeks! I found this site the other day but so far all the guys are too chicken to meet up. If you know how to fuck and like the feeling of a tiny asshole wrapped around ur cock then message me!
    Walkiria Drumond, Patricia Bismark, Marcus - Exclusive 37 XXX

    Mark gets fucked by Walquira, Patricia in this steamy threesome.
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