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  • Stacie Starr - Cock In Her Butthole XXX

    "I'm orally fixated," said Stacie Starr, big-boobed Florida MILF. "I love to suck cock. I enjoy hair-pulling. I love having my ass spanked. I love choking on cock." Stacie resembles Lacey Legends, a SCORE Girl of the 1990s. Just her face, not her body. When asked about anal sex, Stacie said, "I prefer it and enjoy it more when I'm in a monogamous relationship." Even so, Stacie was fine with meeting Rocky the day of this anal scene and getting his beaded-cock in her butthole. After plugging her good, he spurted on her face. It's a highly jackable video. Watch how randy Stacie looks when Rocky jerks on her tongue.
    Phoenix Marie, Tony Rubino - Ms Ballbreaker XXX

    Tony had to go see the nurse to get his physical so he could play in the next game. The nurse was out and the coach, Phoenix Marie, had to do the physical. Tony went into her office and she had him pull his shorts down. She squeezed his balls as he coughed and then she began to stroke his cock. She finished the physical and told Tony to get get his teammate to come get his physical. Tony went to the locker room and explained to his teammates what just happened with coach. Phoenix came out looking for the other teammate and they all hid expect for Tony. She grabbed Tony and asked where they went. He told her he did not know and Phoenix did not like that. Suddenly she picked him up and carried him to the other side of the locker room. She scooped him up and did all types of maneuvers with him. She sucked and fucked him and she got his man juice all over her face.
    Judit - Hot girl with Big Natural Tits Fantasizes About Rough Gangbang XXX

    Hot young Russian Judit fantasizes about walking her dog down the street and getting snatched! The next thing she knows she is bound and helpless with cocks and hands coming at her from every direction. Her mouth is pried open and her face if brutally fucked, while she is choked, vibrated, and made to cum! Before her fantasy ends she is fucked airtight with big dicks penetrating her mouth, pussy, and asshole all at the same time! A good fantasy indeed dear Judit!
    Alexa Tomas, Franck Franco - Possessione 2 XXX

    It's been nearly a year since Alis Locanta released "Possessione" and fans of the original are certain to be pleased with the sequel, "Possessione 2." Here the subject matter, the style, and even the leading man remain the same, but now Alexa Tomas takes on the role of submissive to Franck Franco's dominant. And Locanta sets the story in motion with the same clever mix of the sinister with the sweet, the ominous with the innocent, the rough with the tender. After a dark and disquieting introduction (enhanced by a foreboding soundtrack) we're given several different views of Alexa and Franck's relationship. They're in love, they're impulsive and spontaneous, and after Alexa makes a not so subtle suggestion, they're obviously open to experimentation and erotic adventure. Without revealing too much detail ? and robbing the viewer of the thrill of discovery ? it's safe to say that "Possession 2" is about power ? relinquishing it, utilizing it, and ultimately sharing it. Alexa has chosen her role not only willingly, but eagerly. Franck uses his power not to threaten, but to create pleasure ? for himself, to be sure, but for his tethered partner in equal measure. Here the master and the slave derive the same delight from the ritual they partake in ? both the possessor and the possessed achieve a similarly elevated level of arousal, and, in the end, the same level or orgasmic pleasure at the very same time. And as they kiss and hold hands in the aftermath it's made abundantly clear that "Possession 2" is only superficially about power, and almost entirely about the pleasures that can be achieved through unconventional means.
    Nikie - e392 XXX

    Here?s a little treat for you guys. Another foreign import, but this time from Sweden. She?s blonde, she?s busty, she?s absolutely beautiful from head to toe. She brought her brand new husband of only 2 weeks to the show. Together he and Nick tag teamed this dime piece of ass. She did a true DP, something many of you have been asking for. Take a look at her photo, what else is there to say? Dive in, enjoy yourself!
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    P.I. Erik Everhard has been called into an office to figure out who has been taking dirty pictures of the boss' hot wife. Not long after settling in undercover, he gets an eyeful of the woman herself, pressing her amazing tits against her husband's glass partition and flashing her hungry pussy. Nothing he does will be able to stop horny Devon from from lapping up his last drop...
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    The crusade has just begun. Mirek is ready to fuck girls with rubber. He met an ideal match on a parking lot. This hot brunette was just offering herself to a truck driver. What a filthy whore! Her tits are out and her cunt is more than ready. She is willing to get fucked without rubber for no extra fee! She gets all wet when she hears the money rustle. She grabs Mirek?s cock and won?t let go. She is a first-class whore. The preacher of love fingers her so well she can be heard all over the parking lot. He fucks her hard, the whore is screaming, not even counting the orgasms. For a small extra fee she lets him knock on the backdoor and also licks his anus. Amazing whore with proper upbringing. This mission was a success. The no-rubber fucking master is heading back to his base, juiced to dry. What an amazing video! Czech whores are the best!!!
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    Visiting friends for a fun weekend in Prague, Kristof Cale has caught a severe case of love sickness--for his buddy's girlfriend! Just being in the same house with Paula Shy makes him unbelievably horny. But despite his raging hormones, Kristof is trying to be a loyal friend. So, he takes his big boner into the bathroom to privately jizz out his feelings. But the Asian beauty catches Kristof in the act. Exposed with his cock in hand, the Czech hunk decides to stop hiding his desires and follow his forbidden feelings, wherever they may lead! After Kristof seduces Paula with an expert pussy-licking, the lustful Euros get down and dirty, fucking like nymphomaniacs while Paula's cuckolded boyfriend sits nearby.
    Anastasia - Anastasia XXX

    Things start off in the car as Jay interviews 19 year old Ana. First of all, don't worry. She says "hooping" not "pooping" when she's describing her performances. You're forgiven for having that wtf moment, we had it to. No, we didn't know "hooping" was a thing either. Jay started things this way because he'd planned one of his famous road head shoots but things come to a crashing halt when Anastasia explains that she doesn't do oral. So, you have A cups, enough metal in your body to never make it through a TSA checkpoint in one go and you hate giving blowjobs. The marriage proposals must be rolling in! We sure hope you can't cook, too!
    schnuggie91 - Bitch on trial! Are you ready to test her? XXX

    She sits opposite you and you start to patronize her. Your gaze falls on her leopard high heels and drives slowly up over her shiny pants, which does not leave a millimeter to the naked skin. Through their tight white blouse their hard, small nipples shimmer. You look into her sweet, almost innocent face and you recognize the contradiction to what she is about to tell and make. This is the ultimate bitch test! You're armed with handcuffs, anal plug and a big hard cock. Are you ready to test her?
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